Finding a Home

We offer the largest selection of villas and apartments in the most popular residential areas of Bahrain, to suit all budgets and requirements.

Furnished vs Semi Furnished

Villas are generally let on a semi furnished basis.  This usually includes fridge/freezer, washer/dryer, dishwasher, oven and hob, air conditioning and curtains .

Apartments are generally let on a fully furnished basis. There are obviously one or two exceptions to these rules.

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Tax and Utilities

For fully furnished properties, the rent usually includes the municipality tax, electricity, water, satellite television Internet, and in the case of apartments, most also offer weekly housekeeping. 

For semi-furnished properties, the rent is usually exclusive of municipality tax (10% of the monthly rental) and utility bills. With the latest electricity rates for expats, we recommend you budget 10% of the monthly rent to cover these utility bills.

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Tenancy Agreements

Lease agreements in Bahrain are usually for a term of one year with option to renew

There will be a ‘Diplomatic Clause’ included in the lease, in case you are required to leave the island you may give one month’s notice at any time, with relevant paperwork.

The lease usually starts within 3-4 weeks of signing an agreement.

The tenant is usually required to pay 3 months rent in advance and after that payments can be made monthly or quarterly in advance.

Some landlords may require a one month security deposit, which is refundable at the end of the tenancy.

The required notice period is one month in writing.

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Agency Fees

In Bahrain the agents commission is paid by the landlord. We ask that you choose one agent and work only with them.

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Moving In

The supply of all services, such as internet and satellite tv, can take between 2-10 working days. You will require your CPR (Bahrain ID card) card in order to arrange these.

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Municipality tax and utilities

If this is the tenant’s responsibility, you can register your account with the Ministry of Electricity and Water on production of a signed leased agreement and your CPR card (Bahrain ID card)

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Telephone, internet and satellite tv

There are a wide range of service providers in Bahrain and we can provide you with details of these.

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Maintenance and Repairs

When you move into the property you will be provided with a contact number for maintenance or repairs.

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